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This whole project is inspired primarily by beauty and the desire to give birth to creatives processes. ALL the proceeds( after giving 25% to Jonas Kaufmann chosen charity) of the sale of the first book go to new art projects.


The purpose of it all being to create bridges between the Arts, music painting poetry and texts. I have now finished a second book. Each time I went to see and hear JK in 2015, I wrote a text and did a drawing. Published in February 2017.

Together with Manuela Viana, book designer and enthusiastic artist, I would love to give birth to a whole collection of Art books on Opera, illustrated by different artists each time, on different operas and song cycles.We are looking for sponsors in the opera world to be able to produce them and already have the support of some.

I also have a few new ideas, in collaboration with artists friends of mine, opera being a never ending source of inspiration.

More soon.....these creative processes take time, care and love .....

 Steffi Pusch The swimmer   


Steffi Pusch,German photographer and a future collaborator


         Future projects 

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